e|tab is a simple and powerful new way for restaurant and hospitality operators to serve their customers via contemporary technology. Our flagship product, the e|tab mobile App, allows customers to take control of their dining or entertainment experience by ordering menu items and guiding interactions via their personal smart phone. Product line extensions, such as our Web ordering for carry out and delivery or our Fast Casual Kiosks, also simplify and expedite ordering and payment in a variety of other venues and formats.

Welcome to the future of hospitality and restaurant self-service technology - today!


Every restaurant customer has experienced the frustration of waiting to order, request another round of drinks or pay their bill - only to find themselves scanning the room in vain for their server. This all-too-common scenario results in lost revenue for the operator, lower tips for staff and reduced customer satisfaction. Now, with e|tabs's FREE App, customers may start checks, place orders, call for service and pay their tabs, all from technology they are intimately familiar with: the smartphone in their own pocket.

Carryout / Delivery

The carry out and delivery business represents a sizeable portion of the restaurant fare being consumed today. However, a vast majority of the restaurants taking these types of orders are still doing so via the phone or other dated technologies. With e|tabs's turnkey ordering solution, restaurants can now connect with their customers via the Web and mobiles devices, allowing for fast and easy ordering of food to-go or for delivery - from the restaurant's own URL. Payments are taken via secure credit card transaction and resolved (including tips) at the time of the sale.

Fast Casual

The dreaded fast food line... Nothing is quite so synonymous with wasted time or lost patience. e|tab's "line-busting" Kiosk and mobile ordering capabilities makes it possible for customers to bypass the line altogether and use either free-standing kiosks provided on entry or the App on their mobile device to place and pay for their orders. This system also greatly reduces errors with special orders or substitutions on menu items as there is a process of review and approval by the customer. e|tab is putting the "fast" back into fast food!

Theater / Entertainment

"Dinetainment" has become one of the hottest new trends in the theatre and entertainment industry, with full-service bar and food service now available in many locations across the country. e|tab's in-theatre ordering system allows customers to browse menu offerings from concessions, bar and kitchen, make selections and pay for their orders: all from the comfort of their seat. This system also minimizes the disturbance for other guests, as theatre service staff is only on the floor for delivery of orders.


e|tab is changing the game at large venues and stadiums with an in-seat/in-suite ordering and payment solution. Fans can now simply order concessions, food or drinks from their mobile device and just wait for their order to arrive. Payments and tips are handled in a "pay as you go" fashion. The system notifies service staff what section, row and seat the guest(s) are ordering from - making deliveries a breeze. Suites or Boxes order via custom kiosks that allow for either individual purchases or an open tab for all requests.


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