Every hospitality or restaurant patron has experienced the frustration of waiting to order, request another round of
drinks or pay the bill and being unable to find their server. This all-too-common scenario results in lost revenue for
the operator, lower tips for staff and reduced customer satisfaction: until now. Introducing e|tab, the future of
hospitality and restaurant self-service technology – today.


e|tab is entering the market with a restaurant and hospitality solution that is unique to the industry in both scope and focus — turning today’s point of sale system into tomorrow’s Point of Control system: giving restaurant and hospitality brands the ability to serve and interact with their customers in an entirely new way.

Our solution is a technology-agnostic mobile APP that gives service brands the freedom to let customers take control of their dining or entertainment experience by ordering menu items and guiding interactions via their personal smart phone. Similarly, the service staff of the establishment also connects to the consumer via their own handheld devices – all seamlessly integrated with their POS technology. The APP may be downloaded to any modern smart phone or tablet device, quickly and securely associated with a credit, debit or prepaid customer account and then immediately used for ordering, reordering, social interaction, and rewards membership. This consumer-focused interactivity also facilitates Point of Decision promotion and advertising by restaurant, hospitality and consumer brands – where and when it matters most.

e|tab’s flexible APP-driven architecture allows service brands to tailor the dining and hospitality experience to become largely driven by the consumer and their preferences. Conversely, the system can also afford total controlto the service staff to handle ordering and manage the customer interactions. Either configuration leverages our integrated mobile technology to facilitate larger customer orders and enhanced consumer touch. At it’s essence e|tab reduces service wait times, enhances service levels and improves managements’ control over the kitchen/bar work flow. These enhancements result in higher spend, better gratuities for service staff and deeper consumer loyalty.

In addition to it’s own proprietary technology the company also possesses a robust and secure Virtual Server Infrastructure (VSI) provided by its payment partner Priority Payment Systems. e|tab’s consumer inspired technology offers the latest in elastic computing capabilities coupled with strong distribution channels, giving the company both a competitive advantage and valuable stability as it enters the restaurant and hospitality arena.


e|tab has been designed from the ground up to be "technology agnostic." Our software will integrate with virtually
any smart phone or tablet running an industry standard operating system.


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